all about your name

Anne- Quite nice, sweet, smart
Ann- Talented, Creative, Confident
Anna- Helpful, very nice, very considerate, good friends
Annais- Pretty, Nice enough, Feminine
Annabelle- Cute, Confident, Glamourous
Amanda- good friend, honest, inspirational, sweet
Alice- Well-liked, gives good advice, creative
Alicia- Wild, very nice, very friendly
Alison- Popular, well-organized, intelligent
Agnesse- very sweet, very nice person, very popular, amazingly beautiful inside and out
Arielle- bubbly, bouncy, open-minded
Audette- smiling, mingles with everyone, gives everyone a chance
Andrea- Mysterious, nice, great friend
Amy- Bubbly, good friend, cool
Annette-great dress sense, magnetic, charming, sweet, nice, wild
Angel- Cute, perky, sweet
Amber- friendly, talented, stylish
Angela- Impulsive, outgoing, center of attention
Alexandra -devoted, glamorous, stylish, friendly, sweet
Alyssa- Very intelligent, sharp, trustworthy
Amelia- Really sweet and very well-liked
Audrey-pretty, very popular, sociable
Beatrice- Open, friendly, kind
Brandi- Kind, friendly, mature, stylish and talented.
Bridgett- Beautiful, well-liked, helpful
Brittany- Very attractive personality, wise, mature
Bianca- Quiet, Observant, Good listener, gives good advice, understanding
Colette- Gives great advice, elegant, collected, cool, nice, funny, pretty
Cara- Nice, understanding, quiet
Carly- Fun, funny, likes company
Caroline- Admired, loved, happy
Corrine-wonderful, independent, strong
Carlynn-athletic, smart, nice
Cathy- nice to most people, very fun to be around, well-liked
Cristelle- beautiful, intelligent and happy
Crystal- gorgeous and sweet
Cassandra- stylish, confident, admired, fun
Camille- elegant, funny, cute
Carine- creative, unique, nice, open
Candy- sweet as the name, good friend, sunny nature
Clara- honest, understanding, and good
Christine- well-groomed, luxurious, envied
Christina- talented, wild, confident
Chloe- stylish, loved, open, lots of fun
Celine- talented, inspirational, striking
Claudia- popular, pretty, and talkative
Cherry- amazing, admired by many, independent
Cindy- talented, popular, sweet, shy
Daisy- Very devoted, loyal, open mind, strong, confident
Daphne- glamourous, beautiful, nice, friendly
Danielle- precise, in control, athletic
Deliah- delicate, classy, good company, fashionable
Dawn- very elegant, stylish, smart, gifted, shy
Denise- lovely, fun, talkative, beautiful, love life
Desirae- helpful, well-dressed, good at teaching things
Diana- unique, strong-minded
Dixie- twinkling, sparkling, joyful, magnetic
Elodie- a leader, intelligent, confident
Elise- very much loved, very happy, very talented
Erica- sharp, shrewd, in perfect control, athletic
Elizabeth- nice, understanding, cute, independent, smart
Flora- proud, poised, precise, loving
Florence- Sweet, generous, kind, determined
Fiona- athletic, quiet, good friend
Grace- nice person, friendly, happy, healthy
Gayle- talented, intelligent, great writer
Gabrielle- dancing queen, diva, fashionista, sweet
Harriet- helpful, determined, strong, good fun
Ingrid- talented, intelligent, popular, leader, confident, beautifully poised
Isabelle- stylish, knows what she wants in life, nice person
Jennifer- shy, sharp, shrewd, knows what she wants, talented in different ways
Judith- Beautiful, caring, understanding
Jessica-impulsive, cute, crazy, wild, loved, carefree, happy
Janet- popular, intimidating, satisfied, make-up queen
Jesamyn- sweet, lilting, soothing, very attractive personality
Julie- smart, gifted, funny, good fun, well-organizeed
Kylie- nice, outgoing, friendly, funky, great, good actress
Kathy- pretty, well-dressed, nice enough
Kathryn- quite shy, nice, attentive, observant, cool
Kat-ambitios, strong- minded, interesting when she wants to be, athletic.
Laura- creative, hard-working, talented, loved
Lauren- fun, funny, crazy, wild
Laurence- flirty, wild, well-liked (sometimes) , enjoys the good things in life, friendly
Lara- talented, cute, charming
Lynne- athletic, good-looking, really mischevious, nice
Leanne- very understanding, loyal, nice, kind, sweet, cute
Linzie- snob unless you know her, stylish always at height of fashion, considers herself great, but once you get to know her, she's fine.
Louise- so pretty, so much fun, and really cool
Mandy- funky, well-organized, gifted, smart, talented, popular, creative, independent
Marie- cute, honey-sweet, quite well-liked
Maria- innocent, fresh, charming, wonderful personality
Mariah- sexy, dancing queen, wild
Nicole- talented, gorgeous, sweet, nice, popular
Nicolette- elegant, poised, really pretty, understanding, nice
Nora- popular, nice, crazy, wild, impulsive, carefree
Natalie- fun, funny, great clothes, sweet, crazy, cute
Naomi- very striking, very cool, calm, cute
Olivia- creative, carefree, artistic, stylish, unique
Patricia- sexy, cute, elegant, fun, funny, wildly wicked
Rebecca- adorable, nice, well-liked
Sonia- popular, funny, crazy, good actress, very pretty
Shelley- innocent, charming, sweet, attractive personality
Sandra- deep, wise, great hair, soulful, inspirational, unforgettable, beautiful, brave
Sara- very popular, very intelligent, very magnetic
Sarah- quite wild, quite crazy, funny, good fun, stubborn, striking
Sandrine- good friend, interesting, carefree, relaxed, fun, nice, funky, great actress, stylish
Serena- nice, athletic, funny, sweet, confident, stylish.
Tania- good friend, funny, confident, fun, relaxed, carefree, natural
Tara- stylish, funny, crazy, sweet, interesting, direct/frank
Tracy- very cute, chatterbox, crazy, funny, stubborn
Vanessa- gifted, intelligent, really understanding, nice
Vivian- ambitious, nice, intelligent
Virginia- sweet, elegant, refined, charming, pretty
Wendy- lively, fun, honest