Sun Awareness

The sun is so harmful, you don't even know it. Yeah it's great to enjoy the summer and go back to school with that glamourous beach-babe tan. But do you really know what the sun's doing to you? The sun's harmful rays burn your skin and cause skin cancer. Not everyone tans. The majority of people burn with or without sun screen. Which makes it vital to wear some! It's good to use face make-eps with SpF in it. But you should still wear sunscreen if spending the day in the sun. Try to buy a sunscreen with at least SPF 30. You need all the protection you can get when your this young. I know numerous people (including my family) who have many, many skin cancers in their bodies. And let me tell you, it's not pretty!

Yeah we know you want that fun sun tan but, load on the sunscreen! You can still get a tan...use a sunless tanner. And what ever you do, don't lie out in the sun (especially w/o sunscreen on, but dont do it even w/ it on!) or go to tanning beds. They are so unsafe and most often lead to skin cancer.

Enough about sunscreen, now let me tell you about sun strokes! Not only does the sun burn us but it makes us very fatique and weery. Always keep drinking water all day, because the sun, when its reeeeeeally hot, can tire us out. You can even pass out. Be sure to get out of the sun if you feel this way and lie down. We all love to be in the sun and have a good time but take precautions and stay safe and have fun!