• Here are some great links you'll love! From magazines to shopping sites and informative websites to horoscope..Enjoy!

    aol.com: aol, a site w/ everything from news to weather and email and more!
    janecosmetics.com: a great site w/ a virtual make-over and product listings
    teenmag.com: the online TEEN magazine
    zodiacgirls.com: an cute site w/ monthly horoscopes, advice on everything, and fun games!
    girlslife.com: the online magazine Girls' Life
    cosmogirl.com: the online magazine Cosmo Girl! a fun mag. w/ just about everything and stuff to win
    usatoday.com: a great newspaper website with news, sports, weather, ect.
    lyricsplanet.com: a website chalk-full of lyrics to about every song!
    angelfire.com: create and edit your own website!
    penpals.com: get penpals from anywhere around the world
    wvane.com: Weather Vane Outfitters, a great store for teen girls' clothing
    aeoutfitters.com: American Eagle Outfitters, male and femal clothing
    gfla.com: Girl Friends LA apparel
    singingfish.com: search for any audio and video clips and full songs
    ym.com: YM magazine online, horoscopes, boards, advice, DIY, ect.
    photostogo.com: get pictures of anything
    neopets.com: the funest, virtual pet gaming online
    lissaexplains.com: everything you need to learn about HTML and designing websites and HTML codes
    babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr: translate english to many other languages and many languages to english
    ask.com: the world's most popular search engine
    your.com: a fun search engine where you can personalize the colors
    yourdictionary.com: a great dictionary online where you can hear the pronounciation of every word
    lizziemcguire.com: the lizze mcguire site w/ everything about the new movie out in May!
    teenwire.com: a great website for teens-girls and boys-with advice about everything from sexy and body to capturing your crush!
    teenvoices.com:the online site of the magazine TeenVoices with tons of issues written by girls just like you!
    marykateandashley.com: mary-kate-and-ashley brand name products, cosmetic tips, horoscopes, and more! really cute!
    isafe.com: learn how to keep safe here
    socoolsleepovers.com: cool slumber party kits for u and your friends!
    twistmagazine.com: the online magazine, Twist. its really fun and cute, try the magazine!
    iemily.com: everything you need to know about your health/girls' health
    lisafrank.com: lisa frank products and much more fun for gilrs!
    yogirl.com: cute girl site w/ their products and more fun stuff
    cool-2b-real.com: Real Girl knows all about being a 'real girl' with scoop on friends, parties, games, keeping fit, and soo much more!
    burgertown.com: the place to be if you wana have fun! all about health here!!
    soadshoes.com: great, stylin' shoes and links to the coolest apparell today!
    kidscom.com: the best kids' games online and its a fun safe, educational site for fun kids!