Treat Your Sunburn

It takes only 15 minutes in the sun to bring a little rosy color into your skin, so make sure you wear sunscreen always! But, if you forgot to, then try one of these, i hope they work for you!

Witch Hazel And Egg

1. Mix two tablespoons witch hazel with one egg white and tablespoon of honey.
2. Rub it into the burn and let it saturate thoroughly.

Vinegar Wash

1. Rub equal parts water and veingar on the sore areas, this will relieve the itchiness that comes with having a sunburn and it will also relieve the pain.


1. Apply a good amount of plain yogurt to the sting, this will soothe your skin.

Apricot Lotion

1. Grate a few apricots
2. Mix the mush with any kind of skin cream, preferably a lanolin type.
3. Apply it to your sunburn.