Fun Things To Do With Your Friends This Summer

Read on for some awesome fun times with your gals!

  • mini golfing: It makes for awesome memories and such a fun time and it improves your skills.
  • the beach: usually there are arcades and shops and places to eat nearby so you can have an awesome fun-filled day for about $20 (when you add up lunch and/or snacks, aracade money, parking)!
  • the mall: spend the day! shop, chat, gossip, pick up cute boys!
  • sleep-overs: have snacks, rent movies, play games, eat pizza and soda and ice-cream, stay up all night, read magazines, give make-overs, dance, listen to cd's-take a breath-enjoy being a girl!
  • cd parties: have each invited girl bring a cd or two of her choice, that she has, and burn a copy, for each of you, your favorite songs! and burn a cd of the best summer songs! that way you have all your faves on one cd and some songs you didnt have before!
  • garden parties: have each girl purchase a different flower at the school and have a party planting them and having a pic-nic lunch afterwards and enjoy your work!
  • road trips: we don't mean you have to go cross-country, just stalk up on gas (split the costs), food, tunes, games, and friends and travel to a beach, amusement park, ect. that takes a couple hrs. to get to! they make great memories!
  • plant a tree: buy a maple or oak tree seed and, with your best gal pals, plant it together in your favorite place (or one of your houses) and when you're all grown up, give eachother a hollar and come visit it. See how it's grown and hopefully your friendship has too!
  • create a friendship puzzle: create a word search or crossword puzzle including your names, fun activities you like to do together, and things you guys love!