-Britney's Stalker-

We think it's pretty weird to send photos of yourself to a celebrity with notes that say, "I'm chasing you," and to turn up at their house uninvited. We would even call it stalking. But one fan is trying to claim it was just a mix-up. Masahiko Shizawa, a 41 year-old Japanese citizen and computer programmer, has been doing these things to pop princess Britney Spears. In a hearing last week, Britney's lawyer urged a judge to impose a restraining order on Shizawa, but his lawyer said that the whole incident was a ''cultural misunderstanding;'' Shizawa meant no harm and in the Japanese culture these actions would not have been considered inappropriate. According to an item on TV's Celebrity Justice, Shizawa is a millionaire who's been forced to return to Japan because his U.S. visa expired. He may soon be facing a restraining order, too, which would keep him 1,000 feet away from Britney's house, workplace, car, or anyplace she travels to. After initial hearings, the case will be ruled on February 28.