__are you sick? try these!

thank-you Kute Kitten

For headaches
Drink a lot of cold, fresh water. The 'thumping' you have is your brain telling your body there isn't enough water in your bloodstream.

For stomach aches
Put something hot on your stomach like a hot water bottle. It's also good to have a hot bath, and keep your mind on other things. It is helpful to lie flat on your back too.

For colds
Drink/eat plenty of citrus stuff; oranges, lemons, limes etc. Try not to go out much coz then you'll be passing it on to everyone else.

For spots/zits
Buy natural tea tree oil they sell at chemists and wash with it at night.

For sore throats
Drink plenty of natural liquids like water, and orange juice. Do NOT drink any soft drinks, sodas, Cokes etc. because they will dry you out even more. Try to keep speaking to a minimum.

For bloodshot eyes
Use thin slices of cucumber to soften your eyes and reduce any pain. Sleep, or listen to music, or whatever, with your eyes closed. Turn off the computer right now! Lol. Your eyes require a lot of blood and it's most likely some vessels are weakened and might (or already have) popped. It's nothing to worry about, just 'rest your eyes'!

For general 'under the weather' feelings
Think of good things, and remember past memories of times/people/objects that made you happy. Listen to some light music with a good beat/rythem. Read a book that you can lose yourself in. Keep yourself busy or try something new.