give your room a make-over

:Your room is important in your life. It basiacly describes you and brings out your taste and sense of style! So why not make it perfect!

*Collect some little shoeboxes to put all of your 'stuff' and 'junk' in. Hide the shoeboxes under you bed, in a closet, or in some other hideaway.
*If you make your bed, it gives your room a 'cleaner' appearance and looks pretty.
*I have some really spiffy stacking boxes in my room, I have 3 of them, and I can put all sorts of stuff in and on them and they look really nice.
*Pick a theme for your room and stick with it. I personally have a starry theme, I have star curtains, star prints on the wall, star lights and star blankets and pillows. You can pick a theme from a color, and object, maybe hearts or stars, an animal, like bears or tigers, or something that you love.
*Get a hamper! It makes your room A LOT cleaner, especially if you have a habit of leaving clothes all over the floor.
*You know those strings of beads and things that hang from your door? All they did is get tangled, and it's hard to untangle them. They may look nice, but...
*Decorate your walls! Have posters, stickers, photos, a calendar, etc on your walls. Don't overdo it though.
*Bulletin boards are great! Hang up A+ tests, tickets, mementos, reminders, a calendar, photos, and have colorful tacks.
*Everytime you use something, take off clothes, or play a boardgame, put it away right after! That's what leads to things all over your floor!
*Take a little bit of nature into your room! Have plants, fish bowls, and maybe even one of those mini waterfalls
*keep shades or blinds open in the day, it makes your room brighter, sunnier, and friendlier!
*Paint your walls bright and colorful. White gets boring.
*Sponge-painting really gives your room a cool look.
*Get those glow in the dark stars that you hang on your walls and ceiling. They look cool in the day and night!