10 steps to a perfect sleepover!

1. ask your parents if you can have a pj party. After all, they own the house! Find out if there are any rules to follow like a noise limit and cleaning up issues.

2. get out a calendar and start a countdown. pick a party date at least 2 weeks before. decide what you need to get done before your party--like goodies, instant cameras, film and party favors. make sur you dont forget anything!

3. send out invitations with time/date/place/rsvp/ect. this way, as long as they dont lose it, everyone will always have the details. get creative and make your own or get really cute ones off line or from a party store.

4. you can even have a theme for your party! try karaoke night with singing, dancing, cd's, and funky costumes, or a Hawaiian Luau with lais, Hawaiian music, & food.

5. often slumber parties lead to no friends. gossip goes around at quiet time and comes to a person at your party and the feelings get hurt and fights start. try your best to not leave anyone out or play favorites. if anyone seems to be leftout its your job as hostess to help her fit in. make veryone feel comfortable and have fun!remember...bra-in-the-reezer and fingers-in-cold-water may seem funny to you, but it may lead to hurt feelings of the one being pranked.

6. everyone knows a good pj party is all about the yummies! so be sure to have lots of yummy treats to eat! set up a make-your-own-sundae line or serve a tastey dinner. set out large bowls of pretzels, chips, popcorn, or you and your girls fave snacks! if you set up a theme, you might wanna make a dinner or snack that goes with it. a fun idea is also to make and decorate cookies, mini cake, browines, or pizzas!

7. play a couple party games if it starts to get dull. maybe the winner can win a little prize like a picture frame, keychains, or single cd's. a cool game is "Why Me?!"...have everyone write their most embarrassing moment on a piece of folded paper and put it in a hat. when its their turn, each girl picks one, acts it out and at the end, everyone votes and the winner confesses and takes the prize! also try truth-or-dare, telephone, ect.

8. if the games get boring, make something cool instead. but be sure to plan ahead so you have everything you need.

9. when your parents insist its quiet time and time to turn off the lights, get into your sleeping bags and play a story game where everyone adds a couple lines to the tale as you go around the room. the last person has to come up with a clever ending. if your girls are to tired to talk, put in a DVD or video until everyone falls asleep.

10. in the morning serve a yummy big breakfast complete with pancakes, waffles, bacon, bagels, english muffins, warm rolls, muffins, fruits, milk (white, and chocolate!) and juice. you dont have to have all that but a little bit of everything gives everyone something to eat!

PJ Party Must Have's: popcorn, candy, ghost stories, giggling, sleeping bags, movies, gossip, pictures, PJs, talking about boys, games, friends, music, slippers, pillow fights