WS PenPal Service

Welcome to the WS Pen Pal Service where we get you penpals that-well-are just like you! All penpals will be girls because the is a female website and we don't get male visitors! lol. But if you would really like a male penpal..we have our ways! Read the terms and info about our service below!

  • All of our participators are just visitors and normal girls like you! Threre are no stalkers or any types like that that you'll be matched up with! No worries.
  • We choose your penpal based on the age you want her to be, your personality, and your likes and dislikes. Or how you described to us how you want her to be!
  • As soon as we find a match for you we will email you her age, name, email, and info. Then we'll let you two email each other or write eachother.
  • After you are matched up you can exchange numbers, pictures, addresses. But please do not give us anything but your email, name, age, likes/dislikes, and hair color and eye color stats. It's up to you to give out personal info after you're matched..not before!.
  • There is no required age you must be or anything or gender, sexuality, personality, ect.

    **Ready to search? Well ready to make us search? LOL...we're happy to do it. After you fill out the form be patient..We are trying our best to get you one!