All About Nails

Here we give you basic and common nail topics! Read on to learn how to take care of your nails and even stop biting them!!

  • peeling nails
    Filing your nails correctly is a start. Always file each nail one way, from the corner of the nail to the center, and then do the same to the other side. Never file from side to side you'll make tiny little fractures in the nail that will come out later and eventually peel. Also, always remember to use a basecoat and a top coat when applying nail polish they are a must for protecting nails!

  • summer shades
    Pinks and corals are the hottest shades. They're bright and full of life dancing fingertips and toes! Do they have to match? No, no, NO! We're girls, aren't we? We can change our minds like we change our nail polish! So experiment and have a blast!

  • nail biting
    First things first. You have to start caring for your nails as you would your hair or your body. If you take the time once a week to give yourself a manicure, or to get one, you'll see a dramatic difference in the way your hands look. If that doesn't work, you might have to consider applying some nail enhancements to get you over the hump and the habit of biting them off.

  • pretty special occasion nails
    About six weeks before your occation, I would suggest making regular manicure appointments to prepare your nails for the big day. In case you get a chip or something in your nail during that time, always keep a very soft nail file in your purse to keep the break from snagging on something. Also, between manicures, apply a top coat every day and watch how fast your nails grow!

  • fixing nail shapes
    I like to call this shape "squoval" square across the top and slightly rounded on the corners. This shape is best for everyone and it's very durable against any fractures. Remember to file your nails from the corner to center never side to side or back and forth.

  • taking fake nails off
    Remove false nails by soaking them in pure acetone for about an hour. You can get acetone at your local beauty supply store; it's the most cost-effective and quickest removal system. Restoring the health of your nails takes about three months of growth. They will be dry and brittle for a while, so be sure to always have a nail strengthener on and get manicures regularly until the damaged nail grows out. Remember: No matter what anyone tells you, artificial nails will always do damage to your nails underneath. Also, be sure your technician is licensed and experienced enough to help you find the best solution for your nails.