My Bad!

-Ok Miss Perfect, we all have those days where just the most embarrassing and totally moritfying thing happens. So don't feel bad, spill it out here and laugh at other girls' stories too!

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Opps! But I Meant-
I was in science class one day when we were going over our life science quiz. When the teacher asked, "What is the answer to number 17?", he called on me. I was doing really bad in that class so I was glad he asked me because I knew that answer. I looked at my paper and said "a. orgasms"! Everyone started laughing and one kid said, "don't you mean organisms?!". It was so embarrassing. Now everyone in class thinks I'm sexually active.
-Katie, 14

New Shoe Disaster
I went shopping and bought the cutest pair of black platform shoes. They were adorable! I was so excited to wear them to school the next day, and the shoes brought me newfound confidence. The next day I wore them to school and on the way home I started talking to my totally hot crush. When it came time for me to get off the bus, I said "bye" and when I got to the steps, I missed the first step and fell out the door, landing on my butt on the street! I was so humiliated!