Hey, love the World Sisters Zine? Well now you can sign up to be a part of all the fun! You'll be chosing from any one of the categories/jobs below and filling out the form. As soon as I get the email, I will email you back with the information and your first assignment for WS!

Categories/Jobs(what's this?)

  • world news reporter: report info on Iraq War and other world news
  • fashion trend spotter: spot the latest trends and write an article about them and we'll post it up after it is reviewed.
  • beauty tips: you will be the girl to search for great summer and spring make-up and hair tips for the site
  • My Bad! Reporter: your job is to collect ebarrassing stories from friends and girls at school to post on the My Bad! section of the site (coming soon). Once a month, you'll collect a boy story!
  • Health Researcher: you find health tips and tid-bits for our health and body section
  • Advice Spotter: seek people who have prblems about anything-beauty, fashion, boys, body, health, ect.-and help us answer them! fun!
  • Crafts and Cooker: are you a good cook? Craftsgirl? great! help us out by teaching us how to make crafts and good recipes.
  • Celebrity Gossip Girl: it is up to you to collect info on today's hottest celebs and give us the scoop!
  • music reporter: k, its your job to find the scoop on all our music issues. you must be like all kinds and be willing to research all kinds-pop, rock, punk, hiphop-todays hottests. all you have to do is get the scoop on all music artists of those categories and the best songs and what not. you may share this job w/ a friend(s) if you would rather cover only some kinds and her/him the others.

    Ok, Have you found a job you think you can keep up with? Great! Now its time to fill out the form below with your information. Please keep in mind we will never give out any of your personal info. out on the web.