JC Gossip

The *NSYNC boys (remember them?) all seem to be doing their own thing these days. Justin just released his solo album, Joey’s performing on Broadway in "Rent," Lance is still pursuing space, Chris is working on his clothing line, and JC…come to think of it, what has JC been doing? Well, turns out, Justin’s not the only *NSYNCer going solo these days. That’s right ladies, *NSYNC’s other frontman, JC, is well into a solo effort of his own and he will have at least one song on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Drumline. JC has recorded four songs with Drumline producer and R&B producer Dallas Austin, including a track titled "Blowin’ Me Up," which will most likely be the first single off the soundtrack. "We’ve been doing some great, great material," Austin said. "At first he wasn’t going to do a record, but I think now he’s kind of interested, so we’ll probably just keep recording." When describing JC’s tracks, Austin says, "It’s back to George Michael and Prince and that ’80s era, where even though you had up-tempos, they still had songs to them, they had a lot of attitude. It was a trip because we didn’t realize how far away music had gotten from doing real songs until we started working on this stuff." Hey JC, you’re going to let him say that about *NSYNC?