great gift ideas for family and friends!

___Mom {and aunts/grandmothers}

  • earings, necklace, ring
  • paint a prtty picture for her and frame it
  • get a blank, solid-colored ornament and decorate it
  • fill a basket w/ her fave candy, and little things!


  • sports tee
  • decorate an ormament w/ his fave things
  • fill a basket w/ his fave candy and things

    ___Lil Sis/Bro

  • like spongebob? but little spongebob things to keep them busy
  • a little stocking full of candy and cheap things they love
  • a gameboard

    ___Older Sis


  • sketch pad
  • buy a pillow and decorate it
  • fill a basket with little things and candy
  • frame her a poster of her fave band/actor/actress
  • clothing accessories; hats, belts, decorated socks, ect.

    ___Best Friend

  • a basket full of things you guys love
  • she doesnt have a purse? buy one and fill it w/ "essential" purse-stuffers (candy, gum, key chain, ect.)
  • cute stocking w/ stocking stuffers
  • a camera w/ a photo book and frame (you can include extra film
  • a colauge of all the best pictures of you guys
  • a poster of her fave band