Guy Question 2

Q:There is this boy at school that I have been in love with forever, but I cannot seem to get him to notice me! I want him to be my friend at least, so how do I grab his attention without being overly pushy or flirtatious?


A:Liking someone from afar can be tough, because there's not an easy way to get to know the person better. Do you have any classes together? That could provide a way to start a conversation with your crush about an upcoming test, or whether you can borrow a pen, or whatever. If not, you could try to find out what he enjoys doing like if he is in any clubs or other school activities since it might be less stressful to approach him if feel like you have something in common. Neither of these possible? Even just smiling at him when you pass him in the halls and acting friendly if you see him at parties or school events might be a way for you to break the ice with him without feeling like you're being overly flirty. The most important thing is to act naturally. You don't want to pretend to be someone you are not, so if you're not fascinated by bowling club/student government/band camp/whatever his hobby is, don't bother trying to pretend you are. Not only is it dishonest, but you could wind up being with a guy who really doesn't interest you at all! You could also end up feeling uncomfortable about showing your real self. Besides, you want a guy whether a friend or a romantic interest to like you for your own wonderful qualities, just as you should like him for his. So express yourself in any way you feel comfortable. A guy who deserves you is bound to notice.