Guy Question 1

Q:I really want to have a boyfriend, but no guys ever seem to like me. I don't get why not. What can I do to get them to like me?

Susan, 15

A:I wouldn't be so sure that no boys like you it's possible that there are guys who are interested, but you could be missing their (admittedly sometimes super vague) signals. Try being friendly and open to lots of different people you may be surprised to find out that there's a guy who has secretly harbored a crush on you forever, but you hadn't even noticed him before. Also, most people (that includes guys) fear rejection and taking risks that might lead to their being disappointed or embarrassed. So it may be up to you to send out some signals of your own to a guy you're interested in. Get to know him better by asking him about himself. If there is an opportunity to do a non-date-like thing together (like working on a class project or the school play), take advantage of that. Be friendly and a little flirty, and see what happens. In the meantime, though, you may feel a little bummed about not having a boyfriend. Try to keep in mind all the other great things you have in your life your friends and family, hobbies and interests, goals for the future, your killer sense of style or artistic skills, and so on. Sure, dating is fun, but so is being a footloose single girl. And the extra bonus on top of enjoying life is that the more fun you have when you're solo, the more boys will want to get to know you better. Kate Forest, MSW