Friends Gossip

Are they in or are they out? Publicly, the Friends cast have announced that the current season will be their last––but, privately, they’ve made a pact to come back next year! (YAY!) Another season, however, will cost NBC much more than a pretty penny––each cast member will allegedly receive an extra $300,000 on top of the mil they already take home for each episode! And the negotiating doesn’t end there! The Friends stars want to make only 13 episodes next season (as opposed to their usual 22) including a one-hour blockbuster series finale, where everyone will be paid double! According to an NBC insider, the only cast member who has yet to agree to another season is Jennifer Aniston, adding that "Unlike some of the other Friends stars who’ve tried to get movie careers going but have met with little success, Jennifer has actually been on a roll recently. She got good reviews for the movie The Good Girl and is now in demand for some big-budget films. But the rest of the cast believes that she’ll eventually sign on." Phew, we hope so! C’mon, if Jen and the rest of the cast were really our "Friends," they’d come back to give us at least one more round of laughs.