15 fun things to do with your friends

1. create collages and frame them.
2. make up a secret laguage that only you understand.
3. have an at-home spa day.
4. go to the mall, put on fake accents and meet boys!
5. record your own music video.
6. start up a 'zine about anything and everything you love.8. volunteer at an animal hospiatl.
9. organize a book club.
10. learn to knit and make cute blankets and pj's.
11. rent an instructional video and learn how to dance (its less dorky if you do it in a group.
12. have a board game party.
13. make "team" shirts--every girl gets her favorite number and nickname on the back. be sure to vote on the color...you can even create a design for the front!
14. throw a clothes swapping soiree.
15. start a babysitting service.