Flowerize Your Room (crafts to do!)

*need some pretty things in your room? great! read on to find out how you can flower powerize your room!

Flowers Everywhere-buy synthetic, fake, flowers. they usually come by the bunch for a low price. buy about two bunches and cut each individual flower off so you have many single flowers. slip them into small places everywhere in your roomlike behind the corner of your frame hanging on the wall so part of the stem and the flower are showing. hang them from string from your ceiling.

Hanging Garden Mobile-get a wood rod, any size, fake flowers, and drill nails from your ceiling. with some string tie the flowers at various lengths from the rod. it will look like a mobile. tie a piece of string on your rod in the center. make a loop at the top. hold the loop and let the mobile hang. if you like how it looks, tighten the loop around the nail and you have a hanging garden!

Flowery Lamp-take off your solid color lampshade and get some fake flower petals, or cut petals off fake flowers. with a glue-gun, glue the flower petals all over the lamp shade at different angles. another way to do this is to cut the flower part off each stem of the synthetic flower at, with the glue-gun, glue each flower to the shade. you can also do a mixture of petals and flowers on the lamp shade!

Petal Time-get a ton of synthetic flower petals and a glue-gun, and a circular clock. glue the petals all around the clock. let dry and then hang and you have a flower-power clock!