take care of your face

Your face is very important! We all want to keep it as clean as possible, we have to admit, it's not that easy! The face is the Number 1 place for acne! And it drives us crazy!!! Do not fear for World Sisters is here! LOL. We just know how to prevent, get rid of, and treat it! So follow the rules below for a clear/acne-free, clean face!

  • Every morning and night, follow this routine below...
    1.) Wash off all your make-up w/ an eye make-up remover. (The rest will come off with the rest of the prcedures.)
    2.)With an oil-free cleanser wash your face and splash it until all is off. Pat dry after. Try products like Avon, Neutrogena, Clearasil, Noxema, ect.
    3.)Now its time for a toner. This tones your skin and gives it a healthy glow. Saturate a cotton ball and apply all over face avoiding under and around your eyes. Do not wash off or toucj after applied. Just let it dry. Try toners like Avon and L' Oreal. They were excellent.
    4.)If you have an acne medication, now is the time to put it on-after the cleanser and toner. Put where ever it is needed and let dry it and then do step 5.
    5.)Now its time for a light-weight moisturizer. Apply to all the dry parts of your face-not the moist ones because it will just make them moister/oilyer..not good!
  • Just follow these steps every morning and night and you'll be on your way to perfect skin!!

    Get Rid Of/Treat Acne

  • You may want to wahs your face with a special Ance Medicated face wash. Avon Medicated Face Wash, Clearasil, Neutrogena, ect. are or make acne cleansers.
  • After you cleansed apply an acne cream or gel. Try Benzaclin, Equate, Avon products, or talk to your doctor/dermatologist for more ideas or doctor-prescribed medications.