Horaay! Its earth day! What better way to celebrate it than helping the earth-after all , it is where you live! OK, here are some ideas...

  • Plant Something: Buy some flower, veggies, bulbs, flowers, ect. and plant your own little garden! Be sure to place it in a sunny patch, water it, and keep it pretty!!
  • Recycle, Baby!: Get all your buddies together, a couple recycling bins, and some earth day spirit and you're ready to go! OK, here's what to do..go around your town with some big trash bags and pick up all recycable things and put them in the bag. All done? K, now you dump the bag ans sort the bottles, cans, glass, and paper/cardboards. Now leave the bins out for the recycables-taker guy (lol) when your trash-pick-up day is. Trust me, the earth thanks you!
  • Clean-up, Clean-up: Now wouldn't earth be a much, much better place if it was all clean? Of course! So do your part by cleaning your town with a group or committee. Gather as many people as you can and go everywhere picking up trash! You may not save the world but at least you'll make a difference in your town!
  • Not This Week: Now since earth day is all about preserving the earth, why don't ya! The entire week of earth day try not to use up too many natural resources. Try not to watch TV and keep the computer off. Walk, don't drive. and above all things, do not litter! Of course you can think of more ways to preserve earth's resources but that's just a few tips!

    Have fun and remember, protect the earth!!