DIY: room decor

1. what you will need: light switch plate, super glue, fake flower petals
what you do: glue flower petals on the light switch plate...let dry for 4-7 hours for complete dryness.
what you get: a cute light switch plate!

2. what you need: two vintage square scarves of the same size, synthetic stuffing, needle, thread, poparri(dont think i spelled that right--its that bunchy good-smelly stuff!)
what you do: sew the scarves together, right side in, around the three sides, then turn right-side out, stuff with synthetic stuffing and a little poparri, and sew up last side. If you want just a small only poparri filled pillow, cut the scarves evenly and do the same thing, only stuff it with just poparri!
what you get: a one of a kind vintage, soft, smelly pillow (will make your room smell good!)

3. what you need: plain lamp shade, fake flowers, hot glue gun
what you do: glue fake flowers all over lamp shade and let dry for 4 hours.
what you get: a gorgeous flowery lamp shade!