Create 4 Really Cool DEcorative Pillows

Here's a great activity to do with your friends or by yourself! There are four different pillow styles to choose from and below are the stuff you will need to create them. Not every pillow will need all of them though! You can put them on your bed, your couch, your bench, your chair, anywhere! But they make your room look dazzling!

Things You Wiil Need To Create The Pillows

  • 2 squares of solid color fabric. For our pillows we used a different color for each side. Choose a cotton or muslin fabric in bold Lisa Frank colors.
  • Tapestry needle and regular needle
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • The Lisa Frank products that contain the colorful materials to decorate each pillow.

    Pillow Styles


    Pillow Base
    Sew the pieces of fabric together with a sewing machine, leaving a space to stuff it. Turn inside out and fill with stuffing until it's as full as you want. Then stitch the opening shut. Now it's time to go crazy and decorate!

    Pom Pom Pillow
    With a tapestry needle, stitch rainbow yarn or rainbow cording around the outside edge. Glue pom poms on pillow.

    Pocket Pillow
    Use Treasure Fulls Yarn and Felt kit to make all the characters, appliqué shapes and pockets (instructions are included with this kit to make the characters). Sew the appliqué shapes and pockets on with a tapestry needle and rainbow cording included in the same kit. Glue pom poms on each corner and tie yarn. Put the characters in the pockets.

    Puffy Pillow
    Sew buttons on the pillow, pulling the thread all the way through the pillow to make the puffs. Make tassels out of yarn and sew to each corner.

    Pop Art Pillow
    Sew Loom Loops around the edge of the pillow. Glue beads to the front. Put glue on rainbow cording and lay it on the pillow in a swirly free form pattern.