make your very own door hanger!

You Will Need...

*Foam form in a door hanger shape (or an 8 ˝” x 11” piece of cardboard)
*Paint pens
*Sheet of newspaper
*Stuff to stick on the sign (stickers, fake jewels, etc.)
*White or tacky glue
*Length of Marabou feathers about 36” long (optional)
*Clothes pins

1. Go to your local craft store and buy a foam form approximately 3” wide by 9 ˝” long with a 3” wide circle cut out of the top. You can also make one out of cardboard if you want. If you make your own, have a grown-up help you cut it.
2. Using a paint pen, write your name on it.
3. Lay newspaper down on your work surface. To personalize your sign even more, glue stuff on it. You can use fake jewels, stickers, pieces of shells—anything you want!
4. If you want to put feather trim (called Marabou) around the sign, have a grown-up measure all the way around the sign then cut the marabou feathers to fit around it. Put glue around the outer edge of sign and stick the marabou feathers to the glue. Use clothes pins to help hold the feathers on while the glue is drying