Chris Rock Interview

FYI: This interview was taken by Teen People Magazine and we would like to give credit to them. Nothing has been modified.

What were you like when you were a teen? A born leader? No, i was unpopular, skinny, not good at sports, the usual.

You weren't the class clown? I was the roadie for the class clown. I set up the lights and did his soundcheck.

Honor student? Nope. Growing up near drug addicts [in Brooklyn]was a good education. It kept me off drugs. Grades are kind of overrated. They don't teach work ethic in school, and that's who's going to make it--the kid who works hardest.

What did your parents tell you that you never believed--until now? My mother always said association brings assimilation, meaning you will act like the people you hang around.

Did you experience racism growing up? Someone gets picked on in every school, and at mine they happened to call me "n----r". Thats the way I look at it.

Did you have any jobs? I worked at Red Lobster. If someone were to throw up, it was my job to clean it up.

You play a presidential candidate in your current comedy, Head of State. If you were elected, what would you do first? I'd call Bill Clinton, somebody who knows what they're doing. For my secretary of pop culture, i'd get P.Diddy.

Hirls say that a sense of humor is key in a guy. Do you have adbice about how to develop one? Avoid the obvious. If her name is Eve don't make a joke with the word "Adam" in it. She's heard it.

What other words of wisdom do you have for teens? Question everything. Question it all.