The Bill Of Food Rights
lol..brought to you by Teen People! The rights of food for females.

1. The Freedom of Food Preferences: Acknowledge the foods that you like and that are important to you, and eat them regularly.

2. The Freedom of Food Choices: All food choices are good choices; listen to your body and choose the foods it wants.

3. The Freedom of Meal Times: Give yourself permission to eat when your body tells you itís time to eat -- not the clock

4. The Right To Bear Hips and Thighs: Women have the biological right to be pear-shaped and wear a larger size pant or skirt than top!

5. The Right To Assemble Peacefully for a Meal: Make your meals free of anxiety, pressure, and control by putting the "fun" back into food and the enjoyment back into eating.

6. The Right To Be Free From Unreasonable Scrutiny and Suffering: Donít judge anyone elseís eating habits, and donít let anyone elseís negative comments affect you.

7. The Right to Eat What We Want in Public: When you eat exactly what you want in public, youíll eat less in private.

8. The Right to Eat Ice Cream for Dinner Or anything else, if it's what you really want.

9. The Right to Dislike Broccoli: Regardless of the nutrition quality, donít force yourself to eat food you donít like -- youíll only end up searching for satisfaction elsewhere.

10. The Right to Not Have a Perfect Body or Perfect Eating Habits: A variety of body shapes are healthy and a range of eating habits are acceptable -- as long as you are listening to your bodyís food messages and feeding and respecting the body you were born with.