Beauty No-No's

read below the things you shouldn't do(that you probably are doing) that are affecting your beauty.

  • tight hair: hair is not stretchy so when you pull it back so tight, it leads to breakage! and you don't want your hair to break. so keep your pony tail loose or, better yet, keep it down!
  • rubber bands: do NOT use rubber bands as hair elastics. they have way too much oil for hair to take.
  • face-touching: do not, under any sircumstances (lol, always wanted to say that!) touch your face! your hands have sooo much oil from touching things that when you touch your face, the skin gets all the oil and leads to breakouts and oily patchs. so if you want to touch your face, wash hands first and don't touch ANYthing before your touch your face. also don't rub your eyes, lean your chin on your hand, ect.
  • more coming soon!