Basic Body Beauty

read on to find out some basic things you should be doing everyday to keep your body beautiful!

  • excersise: watching tv and spending the whole day on the computer and playing video games is just going to make you un-fit. no matter what age you are, you need excersise, to move around! to be active and stay normal wight and body size. just pick an activity (dance, walking, running..), a sport(football, basketball, soccer..), or even work out just at least three times a week. It's very good for you and prevents you from becoming overwieght. it also can help you lose wight if you are overweight! so get up and go play; excersise!
  • cleansing: yes, we cannot stress it enough! cleansing your face mroning and night is soo important! all throughout the day dirt and oil bulids up on your face and at night we need to wash it all off. and at night your hands and your pillow (which has all of the oil of your hands on it from touching it) touches your face and you need to wash all that off in the morning. cleansing also clears our complexion and gets rid of and prevents acne. and trust me, acne is a pain! so cleanse day and night and keep your face clean and beautiful!
  • sleeping: sleeping is so very importantly essential! getting to bed at a decent time prevents those bags and dark circles under our eyes. and sleeping relaxes us and makes us happier-if we get enough. a teenage girl about your age should recieve at least 8 hours of sleep, so get in the ZzZzZz... and remember its okay to squeeze in a few naps during the day and if you're still to tired, try going to bed earlier.
  • water: Water is the ultimate beaty tool. It cleanses your body from the inside out, washing away nasty toxins which prevent your body from funtioning well. Drinking on and a half litres of water a day will dramatically improve your skin, help prevent cellulite and will also decrease fluid retention (that yucky bloated feeling you get when you have your period). And it contains no kilojoules, no fat, lots of minerals and is the only drink hat will really quench your thirst. Wow! There should be enough reasons to keep you floating for a while
  • protection: Let it be known that sunscreen is your best friend. Yes, if you were to throw out all the other products in your cupboard and only keep one, it would have to be a tube of SPF15+. The sun is dangerous - not only can it cause skin cancer (a.k.a. possible death) it also makes your skin age a lot quiker which means wrinkles at 25. Most sun damage is done before you turn 18, so you have a chance to save yourself. Look at pale beauties like Winona Ryder, Nicole Kidman and Gilian Anderson and model yourself on them. If you still like to have a tan, that's OK, just fake it - natural tanning products can make you look like you've spent two months tanning yourself in Tahiti.