Aromatherapy is all about using certain smells (like the ones found in some essential oils) to influence your moods, whether you want to get pumped, get personal, or simply get chilled out. Here's a lineup of a few scents and what they'll do for you...

Jasmine: This is a chill-out scent. Dab some on when you're into kicking back with your buds.

Spearmint: Talk about the spirit of the new. This rejuvenating fragrance helps you leave all that emotional baggage behind.

Frankincense: Need to get focused? Sniff this age-old scent, and attack that project you've been putting off.

Chamomile: Check out this calming scent for a night of peace and quiet.

Patchouli: If you're short on willpower, patchouli will give you all the drive you need.

Lavender: Give your friends and family an early holiday gift - a bottle of lavender will pass on good calmness karma.

Neroli: Channel your innate fire and passion into something productive by wearing a splash of this scent.

Rose: Feeling insecure? Wear rose to regroup.

Sandalwood: Exam woes? Regain control with a sprinkle of sandalwood.

Ylang-ylang: Don't stand on the sidelines, ylang-ylang can help you make the kinds of decisions that will convince other you're a born leader.

Mix it up
Wanna get even more saucy with these scents? Or don't know how to use them?...

... Make Perfume - Combine one part rubbing alcohol with three parts distilled water and no more than five drops of three of your favorite oils. A great combo: ylang-ylang, lavender, and neroli. Put your exclusive, one-of-a-kind mixture into a plastic spritz bottle, shake, and get to it.