Animal Rights! inspired by

This page was written by erin, 14 ..also editer of the website.

Here, we're a big fan of animal rights. Because that's what we believe in. We want to change your mind about vegans, animal violenc, ect.

Here's How You Can Help:

  • Become a vegetarian! There's no better way to help out than to stop supporting animal-abuse and go vegan.
  • Hold a campaign, create a club, a website, ect.! Get the word out and do your part!
  • Rescue an anything you can to help a sick, abandoned anaimal you find and get it some help. It will turn around it's life and your's bc you'll def. feel good about what you've done!

    For more ideas on helping out, visit and register on
    When you register online, type in my email address ( as the question "Who Reffered You?"'s answer. Thanks!

    If this article did you any good, PLEASE write me a note about it! Type in the "contact us" section of this site in the main menu, or send it to my inbox: Thanks Again! I hope you at least think about it! I know in the end you'll all make a good decision!