Good Charlotte Takes on KFC

  • Hey guys! At i found this interesting article about Good Charlotte boycotting KFC for its cruelt to animals. I really think you'll enjot it and finish with some new thoughts in your head..= P so take a min. to read it and send me your thoughts on it After finding out that Col. Sanders' secret recipe is really cruelty to animals, members of Good Charlotte joined their fellow tour-mates and PETA pals Goldfinger in a series of demos at KFCs across the country to spread the word and urge the public to boycott KFC. The boys wanted everyone to know that before these smart, sensitive, friendly birds are battered and sold by the bucketful, they are crammed into sheds that wreak of ammonia and crap, with tens of thousands of other chickens. They often suffer broken bones because workers carelessly grab them by their legs and cram them into crates before shipping them off to the slaughterhouse. Many chickens are still fully conscious when their throats are slit or when they're dumped into scalding water to remove their feathers. This is the fate of more than 700 million chickens who are killed by KFC every year. Oh, and during that same tour, we got the inside scoop on what their favorite foods were from John Feldmann. John knew the skinny because his wife, Amy, was often doing the cooking for Good Charlotte and Goldfinger. The list included Tofutti frozen pizzas, Boca Burgers, Starbucks soy lattes, and Gardenburger Riblets, and their favorite tour breakfast food was Amy's homemade waffles. This isn't the first time that members of Good Charlotte have lent their support to help animals. They contributed a track to PETA's Liberation CD, along with fellow animal advocates Goldfinger, The Used, Midtown, NOFX, Story of the Year, Anti-Flag, Propaghandi, The Desaparecidos, Good Riddance, Hot Water Music the list is never-ending. We met up with Billy, who's an outspoken vegetarian, at the Warped Tour in 2002, and he explained to us why he's veg and why you should be, too.