11ways to change your room

1. get plants like flowers and just plain greenery
2. rearrange your posters and wall decors
3. buy new pillowcases that are bright and fun...different colors that match though!
4. paint your walls over
5. sponge your room with light colors...this makes the room look brighter and larger; more open
5. stencil a pretty border along the top of your walls. be sure to keep the same certain pattern or print...if your room is flowery, make a flower border
6. move your furinture around
7. place a cute rug...big or small are cool!...around your bed or the middle
8. use different colored light bulbs
9. buy a fish with bright rocks and underwater plants...keep the water clear...try a pretty fish with long fins or pretty colors
10.put up wall shelves and boards for picture framse, plants, beanie babies, ect.
11. got an ugly bed spread or quilt you hate but cant afford to buy a new one? buy a cool long piece of fabric and add tassels to the ends and/or edges to add style without going and buying a new comforter!