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The companies that I've found.



Let me tell you a little story about home businesses on the Internet.
A year and a half ago I got into some financial difficulties because of my health, so I started to look for "work from home" jobs that I could do on the Internet.
I found a company that asked people to advertise their products; they would pay a percentage of the sold product and pay you if you had recruited somebody else.
After paying the entree fee of $200, - I started to place ads for my home business, hoping to recruit new members and getting new customers.
After 9 months I still hadn't earned a dime and when tried to email them they didn't reply.
I later found out that the company was a fraud.
The reason why I told this story and made this website is to prevent that the same thing would happen to other people.

To prevent others and me from making the same mistake again and to inform people, I with some help from others started to look for companies on the Internet, which are, save and legitimate.
I've found 3 companies who are 3 of the best that I've came across so far.
They pay high commissions and have no entry fees, I have also found out that by joining multiple home business companies (In my case all of the 3 companies) that I could make more money.
By joining all of 3 companies might look like allot of work but I've found out that 1 hour of work per day on my home businesses worked fine.

Some 18 months later I've been able to pay of my debts and made $388,173.12 from my 3 home businesses.
I'm not saying that you will make the same amount or get you rich, these companies aren't in the get-rich-fast scheme, and they are legitimate companies.
It all depends on how much effort you put in it.

I'm still looking for new companies who have the same advantages and I will post them here.
If you also want to start a home business (I highly recommend it), then you can choose one or more of the companies that I've found on the left side of the page.