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The Illusionist 2012 Remix by West Side Dave

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**UPDATED August 16! NEW TRACK NOW ONLINE!**"Hangman" is the latest result of a collaborative project by Upstate New YorK guitarist/songwriter West Side Dave, Australian vocalist/lyicist Rachel "Iron Lungs" Pedri, legendary Upstate New York drummer Bob Holz, Connecticut bassist Ryan Holmes, and Italian keyboardist Maeatro Mistheria. Unlike many similar long-distance projects, the goal was to capture the feel of a BAND blasting away in the same room. Drums and guitars were recorded by engineer Scott Patnode on Earth Day, April 22nd at Skycow [Formerly Strangeland Audio] Studio. Vocals were completed in Western Australia early May, Bass tracks were recorded in Connecticut while Keyboard tracks were completed in Croatia. [both in late June] The track was mixed by Scott at Skycow and released August 8th, 2013.

In 2011, I recorded a demo track titled "The Illusionist"; the music was written by myself, the lyrics and vocal melodies were done by Australian vocalist Rachel Pedri, drums were recorded by Bob Holz, bass by Jamie Mallender, and keyboards by Mistheria. The guitars and drums were recorded at Strangeland Audio Recording Studio [engineered by Scott Patnode] in February and Spring 2011, while the remaining parts were recorded at various times/places in Spring/Summer 2011. Mixing was also done at Strangeland. On January 21st, 2012, a remixed version of "The Illusionist" was released w/ new vocal tracks and minus the keyboard intro.

Thanks for listening! Any comments, questions, critiques, etc, please don`t hesitate to get in touch!


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Musicians Featured:

West Side Dave [Guitars]
Rachel Pedri [Vocals]
Bob Holz [Drums]
Ryan Holmes [Bass on
Mistheria [Keyboards]
Jamie Mallender [Bass on

Guitars, Drums and mixing done @:

Skycow Studio