The New CREEPY from Dark Horse Comics

This section of The Warrenverse features my own reviews of the first year of the new CREEPY that is a joint effort by New Comic Company and Dark Horse Comics. New Comic owns the rights to Warren's stable of characters outside of Vampirella and her supporting cast, which includes Pantha and Warren's version of Dracula (who have been owned by Harris Comics from the early 1990s to 2010, but has since been sold to Dynamite Entertainment) and Dark Horse has been leased the rights to publish these characters (the last we saw of Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie prior to this was with Harris' 1992 four-issue CREEPY: THE LIMITED SERIES and its 1993 one-shot CREEPY 1993 FEARBOOK, which ultimately failed to re-launch the franchise, in part due to legal difficulties with James Warren). Their 2009 relaunch of CREEPY was long anticipated, and the new series is rolling along. The first four issues of the title will be reviewed here by yours truly. Once I get a chance to read the first year's worth of Dark Horse's new CREEPY title, I will have a review up for each issue. In the future, I will periodically review other issues of the new CREEPY title that I feel are warranted.

Since this is also a Wold Newton site, I will describe the woldability of any story that may appear in the issues reviewed here. This will also include my musings on Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie and the new Creepy Family that was introduced in the new CREEPY in addition to these two old stalwarts. My observations about these horror hosts will be incorporated into the future update of my online article on Horror Hosts that I am now planning.

Below are links to the various issues of the new CREEPY that I have so far reviewed.