Shout Outz
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Shout Outz

Shout outs are free! Just see Chelsea Dvorak or Kim Jennings or drop them in the office drop box.

Issue 1
Kim Jennings and Chelsea Dvorak

From: Boo Boo
"I love you big brother. Don't forget to do your homework this weekend."

"You've been messin' with my man. Meet me in the Ghetto after school."

To: Ja Rule
From: Mystical
"Yo Bro. Are we going clubbing this weekend to pick up some chicks? Hit me on the downside and let me know."

To: Jason
From: Anonymous
"Don't forget to do your column next week or you will be on a lot of people's bad sides, and you don't want that, do you?If I were you, I would turn it in two days early. Now Jason, you said that you would do this column, and you better stick with it." hr>

Issue 2
Kim Jennings and Chelsea Dvorak

From: Barbie
"We really love those Carhart Cowboyz don't we??"

To: Kari
From: Kristin
"Don't forget to feed your deer(dear) & bear!!"

To: The Lactomangulator
From: K-T
"Stop harassing the milk! I know it's not your fault you can't get it open, but for goodness sakes, stop the horror!"

To: All Teachers
From: "The L"
"Save the Trees!"

Issue 5
Kim Jennings and Chelsea Dvorak

To: Monica
From: Karri
"Monica, there seems to be a mouse dangling from my finger."

To: Karri, Tiff, and Erika
From: Monica
"I love you guys, and by the way…’the choice isn‘t iffy so vote for Tiffy."

To: Bubblez
From: Lit’ lun
"You’re stupid!"

To: Lit’ lun
From: Bubblez
"You’re stupider!"

To: Mrs. Adams
From: "The L"
"Ching Ching"

To: Rachel
From: The Girls
"Be sure to fix your hair so the crown will fit on it…Congrats on homecoming queen! :)"

Issue 6
Kim Jennings and Chelsea Dvorak

To: Mon
From: Karri
"Hey Monica, my lips are itching!"

To: Sarah P.
From: K-T
"I Heart You!!!"

To: Alicia
From: Ed
"Hey Lady…Do you wanna go see Air Bud?"

To: Lauren
From: K-T
"EVERYBODY loves the Sloth Dance"

To: Pocahontas
From: K &K
"I wonder what size pants he wears!?!"

Issue 7
Kim Jennings and Chelsea Dvorak

To: Amber, Kim, & Tiff
From: Birdie
"Birdie not crazy, she just a lil loony! Birdie like a stranger. Birdie loves you loonies."

To: Kimmy
From: K-T
"Peas!!!…lol…I love ya girl!"

To: Jason
From: The VG Staff
"We hope you had a great 18th birthday!"

To: Team RamRod
From: Lady Dar Tanyon
"The money is in the bag and the van is pulling out"

Issue 8
Kim Jennings and Chelsea Dvorak

To: Jessica Leigh
From: Anonymous
"Woowhoo you joo!"

To: The kid who needs a patch
From: Aurora
"You gotta watch out for those crazy deer!"

To: Keshi
From: The VG Staff
"Hope you had a great birthday!!!"

To: Jake
From: K-T!!!
"Lint: from your pocket to mine"

To: Sparky
From: Dark

To: Kari
From: Kristin
"Parallel parking is fun."

Issue 9
Kim Jennings and Chelsea Dvorak

To: "Concerned Student"
From: VG Staff
"We have found that it is impossible to make a high school-level word search, because no matter how long the words are, you’re still just circling letters!!!"

To: Autumn and Staci
From: K-T
"I want one water with three straws, a complimentary packet of ketchup, and a napkin."

To: D
From: A
"Stop bein‘ a SA."

To: 715221521817
From: 5902111
"Can‘t stop thinking ‘bout u."

To: Jessica and Jacqui
From: The VG Staff
"Hope you both have great 18th birthdays!"

Issue 10
Kim Jennings and Chelsea Dvorak

To: Sparky
From: Crazy Kid
“Bumper car-ridin‘, speedo-wearin’, bow-flauntin’, Keith-lovin’, best friend-havin’, kid…I love you Sparky Larky! ”

To: Goose Nut
From: K-T
“He‘s your spider monkey!!!”

To: Drivers
From: Bank Bunch
“Turning right onto a road going 45-50 mph is not a good thing…you could possibly end up in a field and in a lot of pain.”

To: Pollock
From: Pee-Wee
“Rainbows are fun so dance in the sun!…Jesus Saves!”