Music Review
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Music Review

Issue 1-Sevendust:Animosity

In honor of the first national band announced to play at the Ninth Annual Weenie Roast in Charlotte, I decided to review this album. Considered by many to be Sevendust's best album to date, Animosity reiterates the adage "the third time's a charm". The result is Sevendust's strongest album to date. "Trust" and "Crucified", hash but melodious, are avenues for vocalist Lajon Witherspoon's expanding range. The sober "Xmas Day" and "Shine" are both standouts, and show that while Sevendust has matured, they are still metal to the bone. You'll want to turn up the bass on bottom-heavy crunchers "Damaged" and "Beautiful". After working out the kinks and becoming a tighter unit through massive touring, Sevendust seems ready to lead the heavy music brigade. Sevendust's newest album will come out October 7, but considering Weenie Roast is October 5, I thought it best to review their current album. Not to mention the fact that this album just plain kicks.

Issue 2-Coldplay:A Rush of Blood to the Head
Jason Richardson

Coldplay became famous for their masterpiece of sappy-rock, "Yellow", which I thought was actually a catchy song with a good video. The rest of the CD was a little iffy; it was just too melancholy and meandering to light my fire. Now here is A Rush of Blood to the Head, the follow-up. and it's quite great. It's a cohesive album, that while melancholy, doesnt' come off as whiny as the first album. "God Put a Smile on Your Face" is probably the best song on this album. It's instantly catchy without being frivolous, and strangely affecting. I love the guitar solo within the first minute, and then the drums kick in. It's marvelous stuff. "Politik" is a piano rocker with Chris Martin bringing in some excellent vocals. "Daylight" is probably my other favorite at about 5 minutes long, but not a second is wasted. I love it, love it, love it. Very rarely does music get me this excited. I think Coldplay made a huge blunder by putting "In My Place" as the leadoff single. It is probably the weakest song on the album. "God Put A Smile on Your Face" is the obvious single here; it would catapult this album into the stratosphere of sales. I must admit to not being taken to Coldplay in the beginning, but this album is seriously brilliant. I'm not prone to overstatement, or at least I don't think I am. Just buy's a rare major label rock art that doesn't rely on power chords for impact. Rock on!

Issue 6-John Mayer:Room for Squares

John Mayer struck gold with his first album in 2001. Room for Squares caught the world by storm with the very successful singles “No Such Thing”, “Your Body Is A Wonderland”, and “Why Georgia”. Mayer’s soothing sound draws people in, but his awesome lyrics keep them coming back. Room for Squares has 14 amazing songs, including one hidden track at the end. My personal favorite would have to be “My Stupid Mouth”, a catchy song about a guy who constantly gets himself in trouble for speaking without thinking. Mayer makes sure that everyone can find a song on this album that they can relate to. He has already proved his talent without conforming to the pop style everyone expects these days. I believe that Mayer will be turning out many great albums like this one for years to come.

Issue 7-Audiovent:Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris

The alternative rock group Audiovent, previously named Vent, released their first major label album in 2002. This album, Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris, has understandably been hugely successful in the United States. I kept hearing great singles from this album, and finally broke down and bought it. This has quickly become my favorite album of all time. This is a big deal, considering my irrational obsession with Coldplay, but I love every song on this album. This was an amazing first impression for Audiovent.

Issue 8-The Rising:Future Unknown

Well, what an appropriately named album. I am having serious issues finding out when this cd will be released! I have heard three singles from this album, all of which I am IN LOVE with. I have seen three or four different release dates, some of them already having passed, some of them months away. I just could not wait forever to review these songs, so here goes. The three singles I have heard are Cradle, Redemption, and Lie to Me. These three songs each have different sounds, with one distinctive similarity: They’re amazing. The Rising’s lead singer and songwriter Michael Lee said, “I like the kind of music where you’re driving down the road just staring into oblivion because you’re totally swept up by the song. That’s the kind of music I want to write – something that puts you in a trance.”
I listen to these three songs all the time, and they have this exact effect on me. To hear the songs yourself, checkout and click on “The Rising Player”,

Issue 9-Sevendust:Seasons

Sevendust’s fourth album is an amazing combination of teeth-gnashing riffs and melodic hooks. The first single from the album, Enemy, has been getting serious radio time since its release. “Seasons” is a major crossover album for Sevendust, showing great concern for song structure and focus on lyrical content. Many of the songs on this album were driven by personal tragedy, and the album is in memory of the late Reginald Witherspoon and Dave Williams.

Issue 10-Our Lady Peace:Live
Beth Fetters and Jessica Walker

Okay everyone, brace yourself for a truly biased music review. I say biased, because Our Lady Peace is my absolute favorite band. Ever. Their latest offering, Live, is an example of a live album done right. Think of it as a starter CD, as it has tracks that span Our Lady Peace's five-album career. Semi-recent singles such as "Somewhere Out There" and "Innocent" as well as their first single "Naveed" can be found on this disc, along with all the fan-favorites in between. Get past the screaming audience (it was recorded live afterall), and you will discover lead singer Raine Maida's amazing voice truly showcased on tracks "Are You Sad?" and "Starseed." If you enjoy bands with actual talent and music with a meaning (such a rarity these days), go pick up Our Lady Peace's Live. For that matter, buy any one of their albums- all of them are well worth $16 and a spin in your CD player.