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Issue 5


The North Carolina DECA State Leadership Conference was held September 21-22, 2003 in Raleigh. Nine members of the North Wilkes Chapter, along with Chapter Advisor Sharon Welborn and Assistant Wilma Shew, attended the conference. During the conference, DECA members completed a ‘Focus Training Leadership Experience’ in the areas of teamwork, effective communication, vision, and professionalism.
North Wilkes DECA Chapter officers are: President - Scott Roten, Vice-President - Ashley Sprinkle, Secretary - Elizabeth Royal, and Historian - Heather Wagoner.


See an FBLA member before or after school to buy a raffle ticket for your chance to win a DVD player or a cordless phone. Raffle tickets are $1.

Issue 6

Make Trade Fair

The following are excerpts taken from maketradefair.com…
"Did you know that every time you buy something made or grown in a developing country, you take part in a billion dollar scam? As it works today, the global trading system rips off people who are already poor."
"Rich countries dump subsidized produce on developing countries, driving down the price of local produce - with devastating effects on the local economy. This un-level playing field has made many poor farmers even poorer, or forced them off their land completely.”
"Rich countries limit and control poor countries' share of the world market by charging high taxes on imported goods. As a result, many poor countries can only afford to export raw materials, which give far lower returns than finished products.
"For example, the rich world buys cheap cotton and cocoa and turns them into expensive clothes and chocolate - reaping all of the profit. At the same time, poor countries are threatened with having loans withheld unless they open their markets to rich countries' exports."
To find out more about this problem, and how you can help to fix it, visit www.maketradefair.com or www.oxfam.com.

Issue 9

FBLA Having A Busy Year

The North Wilkes High School FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America Club) is off to a great start with lots of activities. A recent raffle ticket fundraiser at home football games enabled the club members to finance their travels to the Fall Leadership Conference at West Iredell High School on Saturday, November 1. Twenty members were able to attend the informative workshops and activities.
Additionally, club members collected candy and prepared and delivered Halloween Treat Bags for the Ebenezer Children’s Homes in Wilkes County. Treat Bags were also provided for our “unsung heroes” who included the cafeteria staff and custodians at North Wilkes.
The club is currently planning several community service projects as well.
North Wilkes club members would like to encourage all high school students to find a club of special interest to them and give of themselves for the enhancement of school and community.

Issue 10

DECA Volunteers

Saturday morning, October 25, found DECA members, Mrs. Welborn, and her husband Mickey volunteering at Samaritan’s Kitchen in Wilkesboro. During the morning they assisted in bagging sandwiches, preparing lunch bags for approximately 597 children, and preparing plates for approximately 871 adults. In the afternoon meals were delivered to various sections of Wilkes County.
DECA members plan to volunteer at Samaritan’s Kitchen again on November 22. These activities are a portion of NWHS DECA’s Civic Consciousness Project for this school year.