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Creative Writing

Issue 1

"Life's Enigma"-Matthew Benton
We begin again with nothing;
But somehow we are corrupting,
The minds of the innocent in this world;
Far from our sanctuary we are hurled,
Swept away in to darkness complete,
A winner there shall never be
Because an end we will never see.

Untitled-Forest Doyle

The otherness has manifested itself into a demon. It shows its face through the darkened windows and over the couch. I have still not determined whether or not it is malevolent, but it appears to be so. While I was feeling the moon send its pale message across the great gap, a small breeze brushed against my face. It might have been a breeze, but somehow if felt as if it was unnatural, as if nothing I ws aware of created it. The otherness had driven me to cower in the room behind a locked door before, but it seemed to persist in visiting me. Maybe I had condemned myself by locking the door and refusing to open it to any demon or god, the first time I was in its presence. What lesson, what fable was haunting me, waiting for my realization, and why was it always creeping around? The intangible existence wanted my attention in everything. I could not see my world as anything but suddenly strikingly alien. I do not want its lesson. No life-shattering revelations for me. No loss of my loves and hates and no loss of my tears for the transcendent chalkboard beyond the perceptible illusion. My equations are just fine. This is good, this works...the formula terrific...this is the way it should be. A candle flame distracted me from the lunar landscape, that faded chalkboard, and the demon otherness disappeared in the pyrotechnic anarchy. So here we are...
In the limbo of space and otherness drifts.
And I, with no courage for unlocking the door, am consumed by the flame. A pyrotechnic anarchy illuminating the ground...And if I open that door slowly I feel a lunar romance affair with the stars waiting for my eyes to behold. The gravity shofts as I begin to rise above that dimly lit surface towards the emptiness and eternity. The extinguished candles smoke curls quietly in the light of the moon before expanding and dying away.

Issue 2

"Obsolete Beginnings"-Matthew Benton
Walking throught the halls, still confused as the first day
Three years later and still don't know what to do or say
Thoughts of giving up is all that remains
Don't know why but hope still remains

Some kind of meaning for a future life
Which is sure to hold only more pain and strife
Is there any reason to go on trying
In the end you're just going to leave someone crying

Give up or continue, who is going to care
They will only act as if there is no burden to help bear
But good luck to whichever way you may choose
Just remember when you hit tock bottom there is nothing left to lose

Untitled-Forest Doyle
On a dusty old road
Beneath a mottled and deep sky
The shafts of light
The mass and beauty
Shined into my face
As if I were meeting my creators
And with a doubtful heart
Looked with nervous eyes

Beheld above the dusty line
An expansive mottled sky
Pain in the eye, pain in the dusty air
Creeping over the crouched inhabitants
Struggling for some creed

Where the sky was blue
You crept through into
My house
A mind crowded with fantastic hyperboles and lucid visions
Silenced by the light making its way into my eye
I can see you now through the diamond perfectly clear
Perfect thought

Be here now; see your divinations
Flourishing with us and all creation
See the beauty in the rust
The residue of time
The aftermath of rain
Water flowing over us, wearing us down

Inconcievably smiling into the sky
Obscuring the light of the sun with stormy weather
On a dusty roadside revelation
I see your face with perfect clarity
Smiling back at me with appeal to end this battle
Wrenching deep within between the labels and the line
The war that is fueled with the passing of our time
Dusty shadows beneath a broken sky
Can be a vision in my eye
I journeyed to the ground
Stricken with some kind of clarity
The call to faith from the endless expanse

Issue 5

The pain
The torture
The cries of this fallen angel
But dangerous
He dies but no one cares
Why must he die like this?
Before this time of death,
He had thoughts of dying
The world was cruel
Treated him like crap
So now this angel of light
Has been consumed by darkness
He cries out
But no one hears
An outcast
From the crowd
Twisted fate
And torn inside
He dies alone
To see
Once loved by another
Now he can die in peace
Never to feel the pain again

Iím so tired of this place
Tired of being me
Tired of working
Tired of caring
Tired of trying
Tired of failing
Tired of everything
Need a break
Just wanna sleep
Head against a pillow of illusion
Wanna escape to my dreams
Be someone Iím not
Live in my fantasy world
Where everything is perfect
There are no problems to solve
People are not dying
Children are not crying
Death is not approaching
Everything is simple
So please donít wake me
I never want to leave

Issue 6

Running too fast
Canít slow down
Deadlines ahead
Iím gonna drown
Living this race
Just wanna stop
Wanna enjoy life
But I run Ďtill I drop
Thatís what they want
So thatís what I do
Gotta be a good kid
And work hard too
Gotta do all I can
Gotta make good grades
Make everyone happy
Then it all just fades
Nobody notices all you get done
The only things they ever see
Are what you didnít do
They should all just let you be
Sometimes itís hard to be yourself
My advice is ďLive for YOUĒ
Follow the dreams you have inside
ĎCause they really can come true

Issue 7

"Sorrow"-Brandi Stanley
Last nightís pain and grief commend me
Sorrow and pain condemn me
A life of love hath come and gone
Morning came and my sweet song is gone
Love hath conquered my heart
But destroyed it in one uneasy night
The heartache is here
In place of my explosive temptation
Feather-light kisses replaced by
Soft-shedding tears
Why promise me the world
But leave me with nothing?
A grave feeling taking over
All hope is lost
There is no tomorrow
Nothing but sorrow!

Issue 8

"Night"-Brandi Stanley
Night at last
Darkness falls
Peaceful time to contemplate
Time to get out of the lights
To breathe, to think, to live
Not afraid of who you are
Not afraid to be you
Dreading the first sliver of light
Light that welcomes you back
Welcomes you back to nothing
The pain, heartache, and misery
You sit waiting for the darkness to come
Waiting for time away from YOU!

Issue 10

A shot rings out
War is unfolding
Not in name
But in reality
Lies are spread
Just like McCarthy
If you donít agree
Youíre no patriot
Killing, Maiming
All in Godís Name
Everyone believes
We can do no harm
We are the light
This was said of Rome
Where are they now?
Bodies cover the ground
That covers the precious oil
That fuels our cars
That pollute our skies
Yellow journalism
TV News
Report what you want
If we want it too
All people are equal
Some more than others
Rich become richer
Poor just get cheated
Tax cuts abound
You get $5 back
Now give us $1000
Smart bombs cost money
You know blowing up straw huts
Doesnít come cheap
Weapons of mass destruction
They have quite a lot
Given time to plant them
Weíll show them to you
Divided we stand
United we fall
Donít mess with Texas