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Other Editorials

Issue 1-No More Homework!
Megan Dula

Recently people have been leaving school in a stressed state due to so much homework. When people go home with three hours of work, they are ill the next day. Teachers should lighten the load they burden their students with. If they can't teach what they need during class, tough luck! Students are at school almost seven hours a day. The remainder of the day should be spent at bing a teenager. Students should be given time to enjoy the "best four years of their lives." If teachers did not assign homework, they would benefit as well. A majority of a teacher's day, when they are not teaching, is spent grading papers. If students had no homework, teachers would have no papers to grade. Therefore, teachers should give no homework. Thois would make the teachers' lives easier, as well as the lives of the students.

Issue 2-Out of My Way!
Megan Dula

There are so many students at North High this year, that there is barely any room to move around and get to class on time. It is very frustrating when peoiple naively stop in the halls to chat, or for no reason at all. If you need to stop, move to the side of the hall where the lockers are. Many upperclassmen have complained of underclassmen stopping in the middle of the halls, and I hav been late to many a class because of this very problem. All I ask is that people mind others and not block the hallways. Otther people would like to get to class on time too ya know.

Issue 3-I Never Knew
Megan Dula

This year, there are many different people making up the North High student population. The forming of groups is happening every second because everyone wants to belong somewhere. There are so many chances evey day to make new friends, and we all just need to jump at these opportunities. We need to talk to someone we never thought we would, because they could turn out to be our best friend. There are people out there who can be the opposite of you but can be your soul mate. The point is, try to be friends with everyone, because you never know what wonderful things could happen just because you made friends whith that girl or guy at the end of the hall.

Issue 4-Too Much Affection?
Megan Dula

Have you ever seen couples all over each other in the hall? Well, they should keep their love to themselves. Things like that should be kept out of school. I understand that people "love" each other but others do not want to witness their affection other than holding hands or a slight peck. There is a limit to how much affection should be shown, and too much can make others want to throw up. So please keep your affection to a minimum.

Issue 7-Octoberfest
Megan Dula

October is a good month overall. This month is the last month of football and our team needs all the support they can get. This month is also the month of the wonderfully anticipated Halloween. Show your spirit and send a Halloween Gram to a friend. You can buy one during lunch and your friend will receive your message and candy. Also, Halloween is a day to be festive and dress in a disguise, so show your festiveness! Have a dandy Halloween and Hallow's Eve from me and the rest of the newspaper staff.

Issue 8-Lockers
Megan Dula

Every morning I, and more than just some of my friends, have trouble with our lockers. It's not just that they’re hard as heck to open up, but every morning there are people complaining about how someone has had the bright idea to turn their lockers to where they can't open them anymore. Speaking for all my fellow students I want to say, “Leave the lockers alone no matter how cute you think it is to turn them!“ Everyone and anyone who is doing this "heinous crime," please stop, because we don't want to waste a dollar going to office getting our combination because of your immaturity.

Issue 10-Tough Times
Megan Dula
This year has been rough for many students. The freshmen have been adjusting, and others, striving for good grades. Students have difficulties with homework, sports, and friends. Trying to manage everything gets harder the older one gets. Just try to look at it this way: Life always gets better as you go along. Every person has X number of years until they graduate and leave all this behind to go out into the real world and have fun.