Did you know that every year millions of innocent animals are killed unnecessarily? Cosmetic and pharmaceutical testing on animals is a sad but true reality that the world faces each day. Gruesome, tortuous, creul tests such as gassing and the disection of alive animals (known as vivisection) are done each day and why? To provide us with hairspray, make up, or cleaning supplies. It has even been proven that animal testing can be inconclusive and actually harm the consumers more than the animals. Something needs to be done to end this horrible act of inhumanity on God's creatures. That is why T.S.A.T. (Teens Stopping Animal Testing), a non-profit, non-radical animal rights group has been created.

40790 Via De La Roca Fallbrook, CA 92028 :~*:Unseen They Suffer:~*: *:~*Unheard They Cry*~:* ~:*~In Agony They Linger~:*~ +++In Lonliness They Die+++ STOP ANIMAL TESTS NOW!

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