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Any food that can be arranged on the plate like a face was always a hit when my kids were small. Use a variety of fruits, vegetables and cheese to make eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, nose, mouth, ears and hair. For example, apricot halves or banana slices could be the eyes, with raisins poked in the centers for the pupils. Julienned strips of cheese could be eyelashes. A slice of cheese could be carved to look like a nose (with little indentations at the bottom for nostrils). A mouth could be formed with carrot or celery strips -- pop a few mini-marshmallows in the mouth for teeth, too. Bell pepper strips or apple slices could be used for ears. use your imagination. A piece of pepperoni or ham sticking out of the mouth could look like a tongue. Julienned anything could stick out of the head like spiked hair. I used to do this ALL the time with different foods and my children never got tired of this snack.



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