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Vanilla Extract
Goodmama, California

 Yes, you can make your own vanilla! It's very simple to  put up,
 but it takes several months to.. well, turn vanilla-y! 
I've always made mine with brandy, but I'm currently
 trying Martha Stewart's version using vodka. 

  • 2 cups brandy or vodka 

  • 1 jar vanilla beans (two beans come to a jar) 

Split the beans lengthwise with a sharp knife. 

Put the brandy or vodka in a jar that has a tight fitting lid and add the beans. 

Put in a cool, dark place (kitchen cabinet) for several months, taking out to swirl around occasionally. 

After 5 or 6 months, start to smell the vanilla to see if it smells ready. If it still has too strong of an alcohol smell, it's not ready. 

It could take a few months longer. 

When you're ready to use it, strain the vanilla through cheesecloth. 

When your vanilla is ready to use, you can be selfish and keep it all in one jar for your use, or pour it into little jars to give as gifts for the holidays! 

While you're waiting for your vanilla, keep an eye open for small, tightly sealed bottles for gifts. Cost Plus, Trader Joe's... places like that often sell them.




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