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Mamacita's Great Barbecue Recipes!

Tri-tip roasts

I trim the fat from the tri-tips, use one package of Good Seasons Italian Dressing (or bottled dressing) per tri-tip.  I put the tri-tip and dressing in a ziplock bag and let it marinate overnight in the fridge. 

We grills for about 20 minutes. 


This was the first time we tried grilled asparagus and it was a big hit!!

I snapped off the woody stalks and then washed the remaining stalks in water, placed in a glass baking dish long enough and big enough to hold the asparagus and tossed with olive oil.

I like Kelly's idea of throwing in minced garlic and oregano and I'll probably try that next time. 

DH grilled the asparagus until done--just check on it to see when you can pierce with a fork. 


We like to do yellow or red onions too.

 Peel the onions and slice into about 1" thickness (try to keep the onion slices intact) and brush with olive oil. Grill till done, nice and brown----they turn oh so sweet!

Italian Sausage

We always grill Italian sausage----just put it on the grill without seasoning it.


When we grill chicken, I just sprinkle oregano, salt and pepper on the chicken pieces and grill till done.


I take the cleaned trout (we keep the head and tail on) and in the cavity sprinkle with garlic salt, pepper, oregano, put in a few pats of butter and two to three thin slices of lemon.  I wrap them up in aluminum foil and we grill them on a Weber till done. 



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