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Rhino's Wife's Outdoor Cooking 

I LOVE veggies on the grill. I especially love corn that has been left in it's husk and soaked for like 15 min in a bucket of water then tossed on the grill till done!! OH YUMMY!!! 

Then,  there is the way my mom does veggies on the grill.  She takes baby carrots and places them on a large sheet of foil then dots with butter and closes up the foil like a packet and tosses it on the grill. She does this with cut up red potatoes, and she also does it with whole onions but wraps them individually. I'm not sure how long she cooks them for but some of the carrots and potatoes are usually just burnt (those are my favorite ones to eat). It is so easy and barely any clean up - she's been doing it WAY longer then those Reynold's foil ladies!!!!



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