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Angela's Grilled Fish & Veggies

Here's what I do for fish and veggies:

Line the top rack with foil and poke a few holes for drippings; spray foil with cooking spray. Heat grill on medium or low for about 10 minutes. Then, I place the fish on the foil and lightly sprinkle with lemon-pepper - cook for about 10 minutes (on low heat) and flip - sprinkle that side also. Cook for another 10 minutes or so until done. You'll know it's done if you scrape it with a fork and it's flaky (just like when you bake fish). Don't flip more than a couple of times or the fish will fall apart - but it's on foil so easily scraped onto a platter.

Same thing with veggies only I use garlic-parsley salt. Veggies I cook: broccoli, carrots, peppers, squash, onions - you name it I cook it. Sometimes I marinate the veggies in Italian dressing (in a sealed container) and then wrap in foil (all sides sealed) - poke a hole or 2 on top for steam and throw that on the grill. If I wrap the food or veggies in foil I will grill on the bottom rack (still on low heat).

I don't know what kind of grill you bought but ours is propane and I rarely cook on the bottom rack - it just get too hot (even on low). I will use the bottom rack to 'seal' my steaks before moving them to the top rack.

I bought these steaks called 'pinwheels' - they are flank steaks cut in about 2" wide strips, about 12" long; their rolled like a cinnamon roll with back in the middle and chives on top. They are "so" good! Although my husband still wants his 'filet'. 



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