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Master Recipe
Laura, Indiana

If your time is limited this recipe helps you combine ingredients to prepare a fine skillet meal or a pleasant warm casserole.

Keep this "Master Recipe" for those nights when you're not sure what to make and don't want to run the grocery store.

You may use leftovers, clean out the refrigerator or even raid your cupboards. There are two types of meals you can make from this, Skillet or Casserole.

For the campers among us, this quick and easy way of cooking allows extra time to sit, knit, fish, hike, snooze, or any of the other things we enjoy in the great outdoors.

Choose one from each of the Categories:

Breads & Cereals
(1 cup raw)

  •  Macaroni 
  • Spaghetti 
  • Rice 
  • Any types of Pasta

 (1 can plus 1 1/2 cups of milk or water) 

  • Cream of Potato 
  • Cream of Chicken 
  • Cream of Mushroom 
  • Cream of Celery 
  • Tomato Soup 
  • French Onion Soup 
  • Cream of Broccoli

Meat, Poultry, Fish or Beans
(1 -1 1/2 pounds cooked

  • Chopped Beef or Turkey 
  • Ham cubes 
  • Chicken 
  • Turkey 
  • Tuna 
  • Salmon 
  • Beans 
  • Frankfurters 
  • Eggs

 (1 1/2 to 2 cups canned, cooked or raw) 

  • Carrots 
  • Peas 
  • Corn 
  • Green 
  • Beans 
  • Broccoli
  •  Spinach
  • Mixed Vegetables 
  • Green Pepper

Dairy -optional
(1 to 2 cups of cheese or combination)

  • Cheddar, 
  • Mozzarella, 
  • Co-Jack (colby jack mixture)
  • Swiss, 
  • Provolone, 
  • Muenster

Choose one food from each of the four food groups above (dairy is optional). Stir in a skillet, or in a bowl for a casserole.

Season to taste with salt and pepper. 

Other suggestions to add more flavor are: 

  • garlic, 
  • chopped onion, 
  • basil, 
  • oregano, 
  • green pepper, 
  • green onions.

For a skillet supper:

 Bring to a boil, reduce to lower setting, cover pan and simmer 30 minutes until pasta or rice is tender. Stir often to keep items from sticking. Stir in cheese the last 5 minutes.

For a casserole:

 Bake at 350 F. for one hour, covered.

Add a sprinkle of cheese to top for the last 10 minutes. 

Some other toppings are 

  • tater tots, 
  • crushed corn flakes, 
  • crushed potato chips or
  •  bread crumbs.



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