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It's pronounced wok-(you know, like the Japanese cook in)-ah- (as in open wide and say ah)-mole-(the same mole as one of those underground critters that mess up golf courses and can't see too well)-eee-(as in EEEEE there's a mouse!). Try it, nope, you pronounce the "g" as a "w", yep, yep, hey, you're not too bad!

  • avocados, a few, a lot, whatever.

  • chopped onion

  •  lemon juice

Cut open a few avocados.  To do this, take a sharp knife.  On one side of the avocado, cut down to the pit, then, turn the avocado and cut in a complete circle around the pit.  Then, pull the two sides apart.

Scoop out the meat and mash with a fork (the meat, that is). You will want to add a few drops of lemon juice to your avocados and might want to add a bit of chopped onion. Now, get out a really fancy bowl and put the  whole green mess in it.

Guess what, you just made guacamole!!! Now, get out your chips, and salsa and have yourself a great snack!



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