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Salmon Nigiri (sushi)
Valkyrie, Japan

In order to make Salmon Nigiri you will need: 

Salmon prepared in brine, or cold smoked salmon 

Prepared sushi rice 

Wasabi Soy sauce for dipping 

If you want to use fresh salmon, you must prepare your cuts first by soaking them in brine (heavily salted water), remove and wipe off moisture, and then marinating them for a half hour in a mixture of 

3 tablespoons rice vinegar, 

2 tablespoons sugar, and 

1/2 tablespoon salt. 

This acts to kill any parasites that are present in fresh fish. As always, make sure the salmon is fresh (no older than 24 hours) Otherwise, use canned salmon or cold smoked. 

Place a small handful of sushi rice into the palm of your hand and mold it into a skinny football shape about 2-inches long. 

If you are using fresh prepared salmon, you may want to smear a dab of wasabi onto the underside. 

Press a slim cut of salmon (1/8-1/4 inch thick x 1-inch wide x 2-inches long) onto the rice ball. 




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